As Gold Coast Electricians we’re often working in a sphere similar to our friends in home security. For instance, we do intercoms and they do intercoms. We run data cables and they run data cables. We’re so closely aligned that we often get asked by clients to do jobs that overlap with home security. If it’s just some cabling issues or something we can help with then we do. But when it goes beyond that we need a reliable local home security expert we can call on.

One company we have used many times is Gold Coast home security guys TES Gold Coast. We’ve worked with Dallas and Luke at TES many times and can highly recommend their services. From a few cameras in a home to complex alarm systems and access control systems, they can do the lot. 

Home Alarm Security Systems

When it comes to alarm systems we have to admit we don’t know a lot. That’s why we’re happy to work with people who work with good systems and are expert at them. Dallas has invested a great deal of time developing his knowledge on Paradox alarm systems (and others…I can’t remember the brands). His ability to repair alarms and install new alarm systems is something we depend on when recommending him to our clients.

Home Security Camera Systems

There are so many camera systems on the market at the moment. Some are great and some are downright awful. Being able to navigate your way through these and get the right system for your client is important. Everyone wants a high definition camera and most cameras will tell you that they are high def. But that doesn’t mean that some don’t have awful picture quality. Or useless night vision. Or no night vision. Or crappy apps for your phone. Dallas knows his way through all these issues and can pick and install great camera systems for most budgets. 

Brisbane Alarms and Security Camera Systems

If you’re in Brisbane and you’re looking for a great supplier/installer of security gear then check out Brisbane Security Alarm Systems. Bob Pearce runs the show there. He’s a veteran security installer and contractor, straight shooting and full of years of wisdom. One thing I love about Bob is he’s always willing to give his time to whoever calls. If you’re wanting to some advise on a new system give him a call.

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