Plenty of homes we visit have expansive gardens. Part of our work is security camera installation. Usually, it’s the larger properties that require professional camera installations. What we notice is how the various operators work on these properties. Sometimes it’s a single guy with a ute who comes in once a week. At other times it’s a company with a bigger capacity that handles everything from the garden maintenance to the construction of retaining walls and other garden landscaping.
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Focal Point Landscape Maintenance

When it came to garden maintenance Focal Point Landscape Maintenance kept rising to the top in our conversations with owners. We’ve met them a few times also. We’re all about spreading the love when we meet fellow trades who take a serious attitude to doing their work. And that’s why we wanted to mention them here.

Focal Point Landscape Maintenance do a range of garden maintenance work, that includes:

They also do installation and constructions:

If you want garden maintenance check out FPLM

Like we said, we’ve seen their work and their workers. Everything is first rate. If you’re looking for someone to take over your garden maintenance, give them a go. Button below links to their website.¬†

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